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Data and Reaction Mechanisms

The CODPG group maintains databases of electron impact cross sections and plasma chemistry reaction mechanisms. We will try to provide cross sections as requests are made, but be patient since we get many such requests.

To obtain cross sections, download the file e_reactions.pdf which contains a listing of the electron impact cross sections and processes we have. Send an email to M. Kushner stating the cross sections you want, the energy range and the resolution (i.e., how many points) and whether you want the points disbributed in "energy" or "velocity".

Specific cross section sets that have appeared in papers can be obtained from the links below. Unless otherwise noted, these files are FORTRAN subroutines which interpolate tables of cross sections (or call other functions). Instructions on the use of the subroutine(s) are contained at the top of each file. Execute a "save" after downloading the file using the default file type (or save as "text").

Many of the reaction mechanisms which appear in our papers are available by request. Send an email to M. Kushner stating the reaction mechanism you desire.