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The Computational Plasma Science and Engineering Group (CPSEG) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is housed in the EECS Building on the campus of the University of Michigan and is directed by Prof. Mark J. Kushner. Prof. Kushner is also Director of MIPSE (Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering) and of the DOE Plasma Science Center.

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The CPSEG develops computer simulations of low temperature plasmas and technologically important devices which use low temperature plasmas. These simulations are used as both a method of investigating the basic physical processes which occur in low temperature plasmas, and as Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools for the design of plasma equipment. Some of the applications for which the CPSEG has recently developed simulations and CAD tools are:

The current emphasis of the CPSEG is development of 2- and 3-dimensional computer models for plasma materials processing, and plasma remediation of toxic gases. The CPSEG is well known in the microelectronics fabrication industry for its innovative simulations and visualizations of plasma processing reactors, and for its close working relationships with the industry and with national laboratories. Many of the computer models and CAD tools developed by the CPSEG are available for licensing and transfer to industry. In particular the Hybrid Plasma Equipment Model (HPEM) is now in use by semiconductor equipment suppliers and chip manufacturers.

Overviews, conference presentations, theses and articles from the CPSEG are available for viewing and downloading.

For more information on the availability of graduating students who are experts in computer simulation, as well as CAD tools and computer models for low temperature plasmas, contact Prof. Mark J. Kushner.

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